'Keith. Thank you so much, I feel so much better' Susanna, Epsom

Lovely to hear from you. Unfortunately thanks to you I seem to be in prime health just now so there is no need for your services although you are a brilliant surgeon and I have recommended you to several people including my daughter’s husband’s sister .
Kindest regards, Lucy

'Dear Keith. I just wanted to say thank you for the remedy you have given me, it has made me feel so much better. I haven't felt as well as this for ages. Sometimes maybe people forget how much your thoughtful cure and attention has helped and sustained them. Thanks again for your kind and professional help' Valerie, Reigate

Thought you'd like to know that I took your first treatment last night and as usual, it had an immediate effect. I slept all the way through from 11 to 6, amazing. The longest sleep I've had in memory. So thank you, you are brilliant. June, Oxted

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General testimonials

From Pam T.Glasgow, Scotland ( General experience )

Keith takes a holistic approach to treatment. He’s a nice bloke with an easy manner that made me feel instantly comfortable. I certainly felt better after the treatment and would definitely recommend him.


Testimonials about migraines

From Helen, Suffolk, England

'I can't wait for another 2 weeks, when I see you next, to let you know I have gone 4 weeks without a migraine! Thank you, thank you! Those tablets certainly had an effect, in more ways than one - I'll fill you in when I see you.

Testimonials about hay fever

From Indre. Greenwich, England ( Child with hay fever )

Last Monday we visited you at the Complementary Health Centre because Jaras had hay fever and we wanted to treat it with homeopathy. He is much better now after only a few days. Knowing Jaras will probably suffer from hay fever again next year, we will come back to you next year before the symptoms appear.

Testimonials about anxiety

From Sonia H. Redhill, England ( Anxious child )

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for treating Rachel so successfully. When we came to see you at the end of February, we were in an absolutely desperate situation with Rachel’s anxiety and irrational fears.
You were so sympathetic during the sessions and so good at extracting information from Rachel to fully understand what was going on, that the sessions alone were helpful.
You clearly prescribed the right remedies and only 3 months down the line we have a relaxed Rachel back, without any anxieties, some of which we hadn’t even identified until we came to you, but which had been building up slowly over the years.

She is now a happy and relaxed teenager which is so lovely for me as a mum, and for her obviously, as she felt so miserable feeling like she did.

We look forward to the next part of the treatment for her allergies and I have no doubt this will be successful too.

Thanks again, Sonia


Testimonial about verrucas

From Anne W. London, England ( Child with verrucas )

Keith has treated my 6 year old son since he was a baby, from eczema to bad coughs, from ear aches to high fever.
Just recently, I was so amazed again by this holistic approach and Keith's very good knowledge about it. My son had several verrucas on his left foot, one of which was relative big, very unsightly and caused my son discomfort while walking. After Keith's treatment, the verrucas disappeared within three weeks. You could literally see how the skin started to heal, first the verrucas turned black, then they just disappeared. My son likes going to Keith, mainly because all treatments are not traumatic. He just answers some questions, gets a remedy and then he feels that his ailments are getting better. It has reached the stage that he will ask to go to Keith when he doesn't feel well. They are having a good and trustful relationship.

From Caroline W. Reigate, England

Just to let you know all of Sophia's verrucas turned black and have started to get smaller. The bigger ones have now started to drop off too.
So impressed with such a quick response, thank you very much.

Testimonials about eczema

From Mary.D.Horley, Surrey ( Child with eczema )

My daughter, now 6 years old, developed eczema at the age of about 18 months. This was not really surprising as I have suffered with hay fever and there is a history of allergic conditions within our family. We began the usual medical route – using emollient creams and hydrocortisone that seemed to help initially. The eczema was patchy, with a ‘T’ zone across her forehead and the centre of her face. However, it began to spread to her limbs. We started trying out various remedies which people suggested. We became careful about detergents, shampoos etc, but nothing seemed to improve the condition. I have used homeopathy successfully in the past, for hay fever. So, I began taking her to see Keith. Her condition quickly began to improve.

When my daughter started school, she didn’t settle very well. The eczema returned, there were episodes of bed-wetting and she cried every day when she went to school. There were no problems at school, she just didn’t like it. It was around this time that she began to experience asthma type symptoms resulting in a few acute episodes. Again, we ended up with doctors and nebulisers. It seemed as though she was diagnosed and that was it – permanent use of preventer and reliever inhalers. Keith took note of all this in detail and treated her very successfully. The improvements were noticeable and it was apparent that this was a result of the homeopathic remedies.


Testimonials about treatment during pregnancy and breastfeeding

From Victoria S. East Sussex, England ( Pregnant patient )

Just wanted to say thank you for all your time over the past few months (and indeed years!). It is most appreciated.
I am now 26 weeks pregnant and haven't had any more spotting since my last remedy - thank heaven. My digestion is also much better.
I will get in touch whan I'm around 30 weeks (if not before) to come and see you for advice on remedies that are useful during childbirth.


From Teresa.V.Crawley, Sussex ( Pregnant patient )

I would like to say a big thank you for all your help.
The service you provide is friendly yet professional, and with great results. You will be pleased to know that I have recommended you to my friends and family, who are, may I add, not as talkative as me.
Thanks again. If my baby and I need your help I shall give you a call.


From Mairi-Louise G, Ontario, Canada ( Problems with breast-feeding )

I have been meaning to email for some time now to thank you for the treatment that you gave to me.

I had a lot of pain caused by breastfeeding and came to you in the summer as the various creams recommended by the Doctors had been of little use.

I wanted to write to let you know that my problem totally cleared up within a week of my second visit to you. I was so delighted as I thought I'd never recover!!!!

Many thanks and all the best.

Testimonials about IBS

From Caroline H Maidenbower, Sussex(age 45) ( Patient with IBS )

In the mid 1980’s I was diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Every time I left the house I had to find a toilet, and I dare'd not eat anything while I was out. I was visiting the toilet three to four times a day. It did not matter what I ate afterwards I would get griping pains, diarrhoea, wind and gurgling. I seemed unable to go more than a couple of weeks without a bad headache. The Doctors answer to this was to take ‘Colofac’ and other antispasmodic medication which I was getting through by the packet.

1996 I was speaking to a friend whose sister in law was visiting Keith, who was helping with her son’s condition. I decided to pay him a visit, I guessed I had nothing to lose.

The first visit was going into my general health and chatting, for many years I had been taking antibiotics regularly for bacterial type infections which had depleted my body of all the good bacteria, and probably done untold damage to my body’s flora. I came away with some tiny white tablets (Homeopathic Remedy) they did not have a taste and I was a bit sceptical how these could help me. It was a slow process but within six months I could not only go out without needing the toilet I had lost the diarrhoea and discomfort. Keith had turned my life around.

Just over a year ago I started suffering again with pains in my stomach, diarrhoea and headaches. I had tests done that showed I have intolerance to White and Cane Sugar, tomatoes, onion and broccoli. Last Summer I went to the coast and had a slice of fruit cake and a cup of tea, ten minutes after eating the cake I was doubled up with pain. I was finding this happening every time I had just once biscuit or chocolate. After trying not to eat cakes, biscuits, chocolate (not very successfully) I decided to call Keith to see if he could help me. I have been seeing him for around five months now and have noticed a difference I can eat chocolate, cake and biscuits in moderation without getting a bitter taste in my mouth or pains in the stomach, and I am not getting half as many headaches. I know I havea way to go yet, it would be quicker if I could resist those sweet things, but I am getting better.

Keith is a brilliant listener; he always makes you feel at ease and goes through things thoroughly. IBS can be helped considerably with homeopathic remedies, within weeks you will notice improvements.

I once read in a book, IBS is not condition it is a symptom of an underlying problem. Taking prescription drugs does not cure, it only helps relieve temporarily.

Testimonials about influenza

From Charlotte L. Charlton, London, England ( Patient with the 'Flu )

Having visited you last Monday in a pretty bad state with really bad aches and pains, I just wanted to tell you that by Saturday I was beginning to feel a lot better and now despite a bit of residual tiredness my aches and pains have almost disappeared completely.

I seemed to go through a massive detox-like headache for 3 days and other weird pains came up, but I am really pleased to be feeling better. It's so important to be well when I have my children depending on me.

So thank you for your expert prescribing. I have recommended you to many - a friend of mine Jennifer is visiting you tomorrow for the first time.


Testimonials about ADHD

Sarah H. Bucks, England ( Child with ADHD / Aspergers syndrome )

I have a 5 year old son who has Aspergers syndrome/ Dyspraxia and ADHD type difficulties, which have been formally diagnosed when he was 4 years old by an NHS paediatrician. I have also simultaneously used Keith Smeaton’s email homeopathic service since he was 1 year old to support my son’s development (and to keep my sanity!)

Keith’s support has been invaluable to me in enabling my son to keep developing to his full potential. He provides me with practical support and advice and highly skilled homeopathic support, providing remedies that greatly reduce the intensity of sensory hypersensitivities, difficulty with sleeping, anxiety and managing anger. These are all common problems of the autistic spectrum.

I have been an experienced non-professional user of homeopathy for 20 years and I have found Keith’s service invaluable in helping me look after my and my family’s physical and mental health. As well as ongoing regular homeopathic treatment for my son’s ASD difficulties, I consult with him regularly for minor ailments such as high fever, flu, and tooth ache. Sometimes I have a good idea what remedy may benefit and we bounce some ideas around at other times I defer completely to his wealth of knowledge and experience because I haven’t a clue. It’s amazing what a dose of well prescribed remedy can do for making a roaring temperature disappear or an annoying stubborn dry cough that has previously been annoying the whole family for a week also disappear after a night of treatment.

The way email treatment works is, I do the observing, email my observations to Keith, which Keith uses to build a repertoire of symptoms and prescribes accordingly. Occasionally, if the picture is not clear, he will email a couple of queries to clarify and at other times I send a photo when it is difficult to describe, (such as a skin eruption)

Anyone who has a child with Autism spectrum conditions will know that there is no “cure” so no-one is claiming here that homeopathy will cure your child’s autism. My personal experience is that Keith’s prescriptions hugely help with smoothing and taking the sharp edges of the condition that would make life so much more difficult for our family. Homeopathy reduces my son’s anxiety and ability to cope with the sensory hypersensitivities that go hand in hand with the autism spectrum. This gives him a huge helping hand in behaving in a more socially appropriate way and also be less prone to angry outbursts which would hamper his ability to cope with school. It has also helped us with the universal autistic spectrum problem of huge difficulties falling asleep and staying asleep and difficulties with “accidents” and bladder continence.

I am not related to Keith in any way and have never actually met him face to face, but I consider him an essential ally and person in my support network. I would recommend his services unreservedly to any parent with a child who has difficulties on the autism spectrum/ ADHD type difficulties or simply feel the need for support with parenting a child who is “difficult” to bring up.

Testimonials about ulcerative colitis

From Carl G, Dorset, England ( Patient with symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis )

When I was told by a specialist in hospital that I had an incurable bowel disease and that I would have to be on medication for the rest of my life in order to keep it in remission, I was more than a little concerned. When I then found out that the medication could cause kidney and liver damage I refused to believe this was the only course of action open to me.
A friend of mine suggested homeopathy and gave me Keith's number. As a Science teacher I was sceptical to say the least, however in the 3 years since that initial consultation I have never had a flair up of my condition as bad as the one which put me in hospital. There have been a few occasions where it has become more active and at those times I saw Keith and after taking his remedies the flair would subside. Each time I would be sceptical, as it's in my nature to be, yet each time I would improve after remedies so as a Scientist I see this as evidence of success.
After my mum passed away I found it impossible to sleep for more than 4hours a night for months afterwards, I put this down to grief. However after so long I contacted Keith and we worked together on remedies which helped immediately allowing me 6 hours sleep and over the following months to now have a full night's sleep. again there is a clear and immediate improvement after each set of remedies so although my sceptical mind questions this continually I can not argue with the clear evidence that homeopathy has helped to rebalance me to myself again. There can not be a placebo effect as each time I doubt it will work yet each time I have thankfully been proven wrong. Thank you Keith.


Testimonials about my Couple Counselling

I wanted to say thanks for your help this year - we celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary a couple of weeks ago and at the beginning of this year I wasn't sure we'd make it - that is in no small part down to your help and guidance - so thank you Keith I really appreciate it. I feel stronger than ever with my husband now and whilst we have inevitable disagreements we are much better able to talk them through and sort them out - so thank you.
The guidance you offer is priceless, I wish more people would take the steps to get help when they need it, to not be afraid or ashamed and not feel like a failure for needing help. Talking and having a mediator such as yourself really DOES work. I felt helpless and hopeless and thought nothing could us to get back to where we had been before, but just taking that step to come to you, being prepared to talk, to be completely honest and open, to say the things out loud that you don't even want to think, being prepared to listen and face the things you don't want to hear (about yourself), deal with the pain and understand both his and my feelings really has helped.
Take care Keith, and thanks again.


If you would like to discuss your own health problem with me, please send me email.


These testimonials do not represent evidence, but do represent the personal opinions of the patients I have treated.

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